Mobile Poker Tips for BetVictor Gaming

By Sarah Adams and Thor Thunderstruck for

BetVictor has an impressive selection of games for the users to play around with and stay hooked to the gaming website. One of the very popular games available on the BetVictor Casino website is the Video Poker which can be accessed for free.

Mobile Poker Tips

This is the game that most professional players like to play as they prey on any amateurs that might have joined this game. Poker involves a number of tricks which a player employees in order to win any particular hand or game. There are certain pitfalls also that the beginners or the amateurs must avoid to survive in the game.



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Mobile Poker Tips

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Mobile Poker Tips – Intelligent Betting

  • Often people will use certain strategies to lure you into calling the bet or forcing you to throw that extra sum of money in order to raise the stakes. But not giving yourself away in these situations and keeping yourself calm is one way to stay in the game and wait for the right opportunity.

Mobile Poker Tips

  • For amateurs, one should never try to play every hand of Poker just for the sake of playing it. Player should fold their turn when they think they do not stand a good chance of winning a particular hand and when there are just too many players who are still in the game.

Advanced Poker Strategy – Making Bluffs

  • Bluffing your way through the hands is an important part of Poker that almost every Poker player in the world applies in his/her respective game. If very few people are left on the table (including you), and you have mediocre cards combination with you, you can bet big in order to fool your opponents into believing that you have a higher ranked combination and hence forcing them to fold.

Mobile Poker Tips

  • Bluffing can be used at various rounds within a game. Players who don’t have a good hand in earlier rounds but could have a strong hand depending upon the dealt cards also bluff their way into later rounds to try their luck. The trick here is to bet with confidence and match the highest bet so that your opponents know that you are not bluffing.

Mobile Poker Tips

  • One more trick to deceive your opponent is to make a very small bet even when you are holding the highest ranked combination of cards in order to force your opponents to think that you are weak and bluffing. This strategy is to be applied only when you have almost 90% probability of making a kill in the final round.

Mobile Poker Tips

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